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Still open and will remain open, promise or not!
Since Harry's a former lawyer, it's not surprising that he would quash anything resembling tort reform. Anyone want to bet that his bank account just got a little fatter?
The boss says you made a change, now you have no hope.
This from the guy who screamed E-E-E-Y-A-H, after coming in second for prom queen.
Holy cow! After seeing the photo, I thought this was an article about Wayland & Madame.
I was thinking promo for Godzilla . . . equally frightening!
What's wrong Bunky? You ticked the Pats didn't sign Michael Sam?
"I wish I had hired Eleanor Clift as my publicist" - Donald Sterling ;-)
Much like the well worn "It's Bush's fault", consistently used by Obama and his minions.
The depths of this man's stupidity knows no bounds. Censuring is too good for him, I'd prefer banishment from planet Earth!
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A Man of Sterling Character

Ventriloquist Wrote: May 01, 2014 12:05 PM
You gotta take the positive with the negative. Dude doesn't have a basket ball team anymore, but now he has enough money to go out and buy more hookers. .
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