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So this is what you do with your time since you resigned from the IRS?
How about we swap Obama for the Marine? Nah, the Mexicans would probably want cash and next years 1st round draft pick.
He's got his panties in a wad cuz he thinks he's prettier than Katie.
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Obstructionism Is Patriotic

Ventriloquist Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 3:49 PM
4) No soup for you!
Kind of hard to enforce the laws, when you're too busy breaking them.
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Let’s Get Rid Of Offensive Things

Ventriloquist Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 1:26 PM
Au contraire, Harry doesn't mock America, he embraces the opportunity it affords him to amass vast amounts of wealth, while playing gutter politics with those he perceives are his enemies. There is purpose behind the week-in and week-out trashing of the Koch brothers, Republican obstructionists, and this faux outrage over the name of a pro sports franchise. It's called distract and deceive, and Harry, being a career politician, plays the game well. He never fails to acknowledge the fact that he was a boxer in his youth, and isn't afraid to use some of the dirty tactics used in the ring, on the national stage. It dons on me that, Jeremiah Wright said the words "God damn America", and they were just words that caused Obama to disavow him. What Harry Reid has done from the floor of the Senate, leads me to believe that those words have become deed. And therein lies the arrogance of Harry Reid, Obama, et al., this notion that they are in power now, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it! We are indeed damned.
It seems that the ossification process in Harry's brain is speeding up the closer we get to November, and his being relegated to Pelosi status.
Just change the team name to the Washington Wampum, and put a deficit clock on the helmet showing the trillions of dollars debt this country is amassing. "Hail to the Wampum".
Actually, in Nevada he is called "Pinky". I'll let you all take it from there.
Agreed. Eric Cantor was just the tip of the iceberg for career politicians who are about to get the heave-ho, come November.
If they were piecing this whole sordid affair together, the night of the attack, why not come clean about it then rather cloak it in an enigma, surrounded by conjecture, immersed in a flat out lie?! But then again, this is the paranoia that politicians exhibit when trying to create a story they can hide behind, without divulging their incompetency.
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