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Agreed. Eric Cantor was just the tip of the iceberg for career politicians who are about to get the heave-ho, come November.
If they were piecing this whole sordid affair together, the night of the attack, why not come clean about it then rather cloak it in an enigma, surrounded by conjecture, immersed in a flat out lie?! But then again, this is the paranoia that politicians exhibit when trying to create a story they can hide behind, without divulging their incompetency.
Wow, the most coherent solution to the illegal immigration problem, I've heard put forth, so far. And yet, anything this practical is sure to be co-opted by some politician, who will attach poison pill legislation that would make the whole notion of immigration reform a can we keep kicking down the road, for someone else to address. But, my hat off to you anyway Dr. Carson, for thinking outside the box.
Every time I see this photo, I get a visual of Monica Lewinsky, lips firmly pursed together, trying not to get anymore of Clinton's DNA on her dress. In that vein, I wonder what Lerner's holding back?
Where's Joe Pesci when you need him?
Still open and will remain open, promise or not!
Since Harry's a former lawyer, it's not surprising that he would quash anything resembling tort reform. Anyone want to bet that his bank account just got a little fatter?
The boss says you made a change, now you have no hope.
This from the guy who screamed E-E-E-Y-A-H, after coming in second for prom queen.
Holy cow! After seeing the photo, I thought this was an article about Wayland & Madame.
I was thinking promo for Godzilla . . . equally frightening!
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