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Four Pinnochio's? This administration has lied to the American people so frequently that the mis-truth's should be relabeled Four Middle-finger's.
Au contraire my factually challenged gibbon, Obamacare was written by, passed, and signed into law by a Democratic-controlled House, Senate, and President, who all smiled knowing full well that once Pandora's box was opened, the American people were screwed.
Senator-elect Sullivan best not let himself get Frankened.
Amen to that brother!
I don't recall Rosie O'Donnell having duck genitalia.
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Random Thoughts

Ventriloquist Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 2:48 PM
RINO or not, we would've been far better off if Romney had been elected in the first place.
No worries. This show sounds as vapid of story lines as Hillary's book, and probably won't last the television season.
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Cancel the Unethical 'Daily Show'

Ventriloquist Wrote: Sep 24, 2014 11:11 AM
Is the "w" short for Wookie?
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