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Is Jim McDermott for real? Do we really have someone this stupid and evil in Congress. He would have blamed the Jews for concentration camps.
Patty Murray is mentally retarded.
250k is not a billionaire. After taxes it is 125. Get real.
To keep you from getting rich.
The goal is to stop you from getting rich. Theybalso wantbto destroy marriage. That is why it is 250 for married an 200 for single.
Patty Murray has an IQ of 85. The dumbing down of America.
Abortion is a losing matter for Republicans. Although I am against abortion, the government has no business in making medical decisions. None.
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Twisting the Internal Polling Knife

vclaire Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 8:10 PM
Of course there was obvious voter fraud. It is impossible to have 100% of votes for Obama in Philly. No matter what someone would have at least voted for Romney by mistake. And in Florida and Ohio, more people voted that were registered.
Agree. Give them everyting. They won. After 4 years, they can longer blame the white working man.
You need an ID to fly, use a credit card, buy Sudafed, etc. The only reason dems do not want voter ID is for voter fraud.
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