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Cleaning Obama’s Bloodstains

VAXVMS Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 4:32 PM
The fearful leader Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction to kill Americans in 2003. The Americans came to Iraq, putting themselves in close proximity to these WMD. Saddam, scared that his public image would be tarnished (don't all evil despots!), banished his WMD to a far-away place called Syria. These weapons, unbeknown to Saddam completely degraded over the next few months. Saddam was found in a hole. When the Iraqis stand down, the Americans can stand up. No.... IT IS, when the Iraqis, stand up the Americans can stand down. Hoorah! And then the Iraqis grant all oil concessions to the Red Chinese because the Chinese have been saving their money not liberating people.
Here's what card-carrying Republicans or dupes of the Republican party respond with after being told that the Republican party took more time to get sufficient number of troops into Iraq than it took America to win all of World War II. -- "It was all the Democrat party's fault." But guess what, the president of the United States was a Republican during that time, the Speaker of the House was a Republican from January, 2001 all the way through January, 2007, and the Senate Majority Leader was a Republican from January, 2003 through January, 2007. Obviously, the Republican party cared more about making a buck during the Iraq war than the lives of the troops out in the field.
It's time for Republicans to accept the responsibility for 9-11. During the eight year 'Reign of Error' of George W. Bush, Republicans never accepted blame for anything. Here's a Republican storyline of why Al Qaeda was successful on 9-11; Jamie Gorelick made a 'wall' that prevented information to flow between the CIA and FBI. If this is a story we all know about and the Republicans had been in charge for nine months in 2001, then how come they didn't do anything about that 'wall?' George Bush(R) was President, Denny Hastert(R) was Speaker of the House and Trent Lott(R) was Senate Majority Leader in 2001. What did they do to overturn this most cumbersome and onerous law? Nothing! NADA! Zilch!
Willard Mittens Romney thinks Russia is our number one enemy. Someone needs to tell him that when Pakistan shut down the supply routes to Afghanistan (for the US military!) that all other backup supply routes went through RUSSIA. If Willard becomes president, then there is a good chance that US military forces in Afghanistan will be in the same situation the French army was in at Dien Bien Phu in 1953!
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