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Losing Patience With the New Pope

vanityofvanitys Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 12:59 PM
To your other comment: “I think the media rejects religion because the most outwardly religious people in the world are all scumbags from Westboro baptist to Al Qaeda to televangelists.” ***** I disagree. The media rejects religions for fundamental reasons far more compelling than any unsavory personalities or fringe groups. The teachings of Christianity makes the vast majority of secular humanists, secular liberals, media types, Hollywood, etc. very uncomfortable. Because it convicts them of the ways they choose to live their lives and of their decisions to ignore giving allegiance to God. So they do virtually everything in their power to discredit the faith by bringing down certain low hanging fruit like those you...
vanityofvanitys Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 1:00 PM
(cont.) ...mentioned, and of course the Catholic clergy scandal. Unfortunately, they lose badly when subject to honest scrutiny and facts.

Many millions of Catholics around the world were joyous with the naming of a new pope -- a holy man from the Third World no less. Even in choosing his name, Pope Francis is emphasizing a devotion to the poor, and humility in his clothing and manners.

The liberal media should be lapping this up. There was an accurate recounting of the global rejoicing, especially in Argentina. There were hopeful words about his pastoral modesty. But as the day came for the pope to be installed, the natural secular liberal nastiness toward the oldest Christian faith bubbled up in demands for "tolerance"...