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Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation

Vancenordaker Wrote: Oct 14, 2012 12:44 AM
I'm so thankful your life wasn't cut short in the womb, and what an amazing testimony! We also can't be ultra sensitive... When my friend has a baby, I ask him if "it's" a boy or girl girl. When he tells the baby is male we say " 'it's' a boy!" The word is correctly used to describe a person. We know the baby isn't an "it"(inanimate object), but that "it's" a precious little baby. Life would be hard for me if I had to clarify everything so specifically. When the disciples saw Jesus and said, "Look! It's Jesus!" did he rebuke them for calling him an "it"? :-D Now I'm just being snarky! I also understand that we need to be careful with how we word things... ...for sure... ...but I think there are extremes...

Imagine for a moment that your home is invaded by thugs who will do harm to your family, or perhaps even kill them. But then one of them takes a look at your three children and offers you a sinister Faustian bargain: pick one to die and the others will be allowed to live.

Would you helplessly choose one of your own children to die so that the other two may live? Would you trust a person whose moral conscience is so far gone to even offer such a deal to live up to his end of it?