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I am truly sorry for our country that she came through her operation.....!
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A Tent Too Big

Van17 Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 8:44 PM
Scott Walker is the candidate who can consolidate the right of center vote and win the White House. Walker has the courage of his convictions and not only holds conservative principles but has made them work in the real world of Wisconsin. Support Walker and win in 2016, or support Jeb and not only lose the election but lose your party in the bargain.
Be impressed with this a-hole if you want but he is just another pointy headed socialist who writes bad law. The only thing he is the architect of is a nanny state designed for losers. By the way Stalin and Hitler were socialist too.
The IRS is the American Gestapo and a threat to all citizens of the United States. They must be stopped by what ever means necessary......period!
The photo above of Sarah Ingram is the official poster of "women of the fascist left"......!
Conservative Americans deserve their own political party that works for their own views and values. Now is the time to form such a party.
Couple of ole' RINO's yucking it up......Y A W N.
Boehner simply does not have the competence to do the job, more importantly he just does not have the heart to fight liberals because he has too much in common with them.
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