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O, the "Humanity"

Valisqueen Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 8:30 PM
Mitt is going to lose for the simple reason that in order to win the general election he must follow the rules that every president has over the last thirty years-he must pivot to the center. He cannot do this because he ran to the right of everybody else to get the conservative base who all by itself will not win the election for him. Enjoy another four years of President Obama!
Steven668 Wrote: Apr 10, 2012 10:41 PM
He actually didn't run all that far to the right. He just nudged his positions close enough to center to look somewhat conservative, but still relatively attractive to independents. If he moves to the left again, he will make himself indistinguishable from Obama. The conservatives will throw up on him, and the independents will see no reason to vote for him over Obama.

On the other hand, Obama is such an abysmally terrible excuse for a human being, never mind President, that Romney could win. If he doesn't though, the lesson to be learned is that the Republican Party needs to stop pushing candidates who are clones of the last Democrat to win, and give the nation a real alternative.
Michael Gerson, President Bush's speechwriter, believes Mitt Romney is performing poorly among women because "women and independents want some reassurance that Republicans give a damn about someone other than Republican primary voters."

Fair enough.  Of course, that's the nature of a primary . . . you need to be able to win a majority of "Republican primary voters" if you are going to, ahem, win the primaries.  But with Santorum's withdrawal, now it's a whole new ballgame.

Of course, there's little to disagree with in Gerson's general admonition that "One of the best ways to...