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Yup. Liar. Don't bother responding to me anymore. Its a waste of both our time. Thanks.
yes he is that dumb.
uh who said I was a doctor? Try a little reading comprehension sonny!
I own you little bucky-lol TOO EASY
Oh he's your type. And the fact that you just sit there with your thumb up your fundament while bud says racist things proves nobody in your family is black. Now shut up moron. Sheeesh
Wrong little bucky! LOL
Funny how the truth didn't win you the last two elections. But do go on-LOL
Actually i'd say he's a moron.
Looks like Guy is busting out his ROmney-Ryan Pom Poms again complete with old campaign vids that failed to move the dial. Somehow in Guy's myopic world its unfair to critique Ryan's unserious budget because it wants to repeal Obamacare-something that he even admits won't happen. Good job Republicans you've managed to raise the bar on silliness.
Look in the mirror for the answer Carlita.
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