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Real Moms of the GOP versus White House SOP

Valerie154 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 8:17 PM
the first three are frills, the last two you would have with or without kids. Yes kids are expensive, and yes some moms have to work. but kids can tell the difference between moms who have to leave them but wish they didn't and moms who want expensive frills rather than sacrifice to stay home. The vast majority of Americans need to learn the value of a little self depravation...maybe think of others instead of themselves for a change.
JMSilver Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 9:23 PM
Valerie154 is so right. There is a big difference between those moms/dads who work and wish they didn't and those who go off because the need for self fulfillment or need to have things. Most families I know who have one parent at home will make sacrifices to do so. It is all about priorities and sacrifice. I am tired of the stereotyped SAHM as the bonbon eating, manipedi, lunch and shopping crowd with designer bags/glasses/clothes. We aren't - we are the volunteers that help schools, create playgroups for toddlers, spend endless hours pushing our kids in swings, shop for bargains, clip coupons, skip a vacation or two, buy the used car, etc, etc. Frills? That's for after the kids graduate college.
modernmover Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 9:18 PM
Alright, I have been a single dad, raising two boy on my own, with an ex doing everything she could do to cause me problems. My two boys have graduated college, one with a bachelors in mechanical engineering, and the younger with a PhD in science. And a step-daughter with a bachelors in english. All achieved on academic scholarships. Raising children is the hardest job in the world, if done right

The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen.

The D.C. career lobbyist and Democratic media strategist took to CNN's airwaves this week to craft a left-wing "War on Women" attack on the real moms of the GOP. Ostensibly aiming at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his "old-fashioned" views of women, Rosen's mouth instead shot off in the direction of wife, stay-at-home mother of five, grandmother...