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Abusing Due Process

Vader!*#% Wrote: Mar 11, 2013 12:56 PM
Loyal Dumocrat: What totally unbelievable series of statements. You obviously think that surpression and/or elimination of of descent is a good idea. "Better" people by who's definition? Let the reeducation camps open and if they can't be reeducated, it wouldn't hurt to just terminate a couple of million. Just ask Uncle Joe, Uncle Aldolf or Uncle Mao. After all it will be for their own good.

Totalitarianism is brewing in the heartland. An Indiana inmate is now serving two years for voicing his online opinions against a judge who took away his child-custody rights during a divorce case. I know the custody case pretty well having written about it in 2009. But I'm convinced that the free speech case that is brewing in its aftermath heaps an even greater injustice upon an existing one. And I'm convinced it is showing the darker side of a dangerous man who needs to be stopped.

Dan Brewington is justifiably angry because James Humphrey took his kids away from him based...