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The Cost of Todd Akin's Ambition

vabadus1776 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 2:49 AM
Has anybody stop to think about the citizens of Missouri & the people who voted for Congressman Akin? It seems like we are getting overlooked & overrun by those who are quick to judge and attack a man over something he said. If you do not live in the Show-Me state your opinion does not matter because you cannot vote here. If the GOP candidate is chosen for us, then the primary was just another "beauty contest" and our votes do not matter, just like the February presidential primary. Remember that the next time you criticize Todd Akin.
Do not underestimate the Republicans and conservatives (yes, there is a difference) in the state of Missouri. Congressman Akin has a lot supporters who are standing by him. If all of the out-of-state Todd Akin naysayers are so worried about the possibility of not gaining another Republican senator from Missouri, may be they need to focus on their own state races and ensure their Republican candidate goes to Washington DC to represent their state. Leave the fate of the Missouri Senate seat to THE VOTERS OF MISSOURI!! Stop telling us what to do. Do you really think calling Todd Akin a "selfish swine" on Hannity gained you--or Sean Hannity-- any new fans in the Show-Me state? What happened to civility?
Geez, Ann. You should have dug a little deeper in regards to Todd Akin's endorsements. Some of his endorsements include Missouri Right to Life, Phyllis Schlafy, Mike Huckabee, David Barton, Michele Bachmann (MN), Steve King (IA), Jeb Hensarling (TX), Peter Sessions (TX), Jim Jordan (OH), MO State Senators Jim Lembke and Luann Ridgeway, and 12 MO state representatives. In regards to Kit Bond, he was one of many GOP members who asked Congressman Akin to get out of the race. Don't you think people might say he asked to Congressman Akin to get out of the race so he could be a write-in candidate? Does Kit Bond even want to be a write-in candidate? Maybe you should ask him first before suggesting a write-in campaign.
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