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If there is to be a special election in November, why not leave the seat vacant? One less lying Democrat to help promote the liberal agenda until the next duly-elected career politician can take office.
FINALLY, someone in the Obama cabal has found an amendment in The Bill of Rights that they like; The fifth.
And what of the families? I'd like to know what they have been offered -- or threatened with -- in exchange for 7 months of relative quiet. This entire story smells to high heaven. Is there more to this cover-up? Did Rose Kennedy own a black dress?
The dimwits may have over-reached, again. They do have a tendency to get caught up in their own arrogance and self-importance, then ultimately pith off the vast silent majority. Couldn't come soon enough for me.
The so-called "Gang of Eight" -- every last one of them -- should be forced to find a new line of work. "Gangs" were never intended to make legislation; there is a constitutional, legal means for the process, and these anti-constitution bunch of idiots must learn a hard lesson from the voters.
In which the very elected representatives that swear an oath to uphold and protect our constitution ignore that very pledge and fundamentally alter our Bill of Rights in the most unconstitutional manner imaginable. We stop this sh!t now, or we will lose what are left of our liberties.
No sooner had I scrolled down to comments and ordered oldest posts first than I see that AmLib and Sloandog have successfully crammed the comments section full of back and forth baloney. Sloan, you are not about to change lIb's opinion; if you have one working brain cell, you should know that. PLEASE, I beseech you, stop responding to these Soros-paid hacks. They are having fun -- AND making money -- at your expense.
Not to worry, Barry, there are enough bloviating RINO's to see to it that your man's path is smoothed, and the radicalization of the cabinet can continue unabated. See Hagel and Kerry decisions for comfort.
That's just it, T.P. I don't recall ever having responded to any of the stupid bots, but have ALWAYS flagged and moved on. One would think that TH would have some built-in system of tracking the "flags" on certain posters and a means of blocking their addresses from posting. "Flagging" does not work, but responding makes them worse. Would that everyone had the strength to just "flag"and ignore.
I used to enjoy visiting Townhall for unbiased news bits and some conservative idea-sharing. It has gotten so, though, that from the first post until I can no longer stand it, the paid Soros bots make it impossble to stay on a thread for more than a few minutes. Townhall seems not to mind these immature, offensive posters as I know of none of them ever having been effectively banned from posting their brain-rotting baloney. The jerks at DU seem to have no problem dispensing with unwelcome interlopers, and I think it is high time that the TH administrators adopt strict guidelines against the habitual, nonsensical badgering their members have to tolerate in order to read a bit of conservative lenaning news. Resist we much, TH'ers!
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