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Senator Lindsey Graham (Nutless RINO -S.C) has pledged to hold up all Obama nominees until the administration comes forth with the truth about Benghazi and produces the remaining survivors. If he stands true to his word, that should mean no liberal court appointments until, at least, January of 2015, when Graham leaves office. We can only hope.
Obama, Reid, and every other Democrat demagogue uses the establishment Republicans like their own private bitches, then insults them, calls them names, and accuses them of unspeakable offenses. The weaklings in the GOP must love it as they keep coming back for more. Shameful and disgusting.
President Downgrade has, once again, let his alligator mouth overload his grasshopper a**. Is anyone keeping score on this tendency? He has slipped from "leading from behind" to not leading at all.
"Austin-based":Says it all.
I think Hillary reminds a lot of men of their ex-wives. She actually could pass as mine's twin sister. That aside, the true nightmare would not be the mini series, but the seemingly never-ending campaign, the non-stop screeching, and that horrid woman, herself. There is nothing in her to like; nothing at all. Forget her record as a serial rapist enabler. Forget her do-nothing term as a carpetbagging U.S. senator -- from New York -- mind you, her rank pandering to every debauched segment of society, her empty, hollow core, her sheer lack of even a scintilla of morality, and while you are at it, forget that she is a total stranger to the truth. Those are her GOOD points. Imagine, if you dare, another three years of age on this old bag, then ask yourselves if even Old Slick's magic is enough to secure her any place on any ticket in any venue. My guess is that it is not, but frankly, it wouldn't bother me to see NBC sink several million bucks into the failed effort to salvage the screeching old bat.
Speaking of the Zimmerman acquittal, I've heard speculation that George Zimmerman, white hispanic, is going to court to have his name changed to Ben Ghazi in the hope that the Ozero administration and the state-run media will forget all about him.
She should pick another seat to "carpetbag". She would be no better than Enzi on most issues, and worse than the incumbent on several. No thanks, Lizzie.
"This is sad news...kind of looked forward to our side using tha same reules against them." Please point out the last instance of the cowardly, gutless, spineless GOP "leadership" playing by the same rules the RATS use. Reid & Co. make up the rules as they go along and as it suits their selfish interests, and Charlie Brown be damned if the football gets snatched away over and over again.
If McStain was involved in the "negotiation", that translates to "GOP weaklings give away the store in order to continue their unblemished record of capitulation." I am so sick and tired of these RINO's cowtowing to the jerks that are destroying this country at an ever-increasing pace. The GOP senators should force Reid and the RATS to show their true colors and OWN this latest affront to the rule of law.
Reaping the fruit sown by the GOP go along to get along members of the "gang of eight". It takes an idiot the caliber of McCain to assume the long knives would not come out of the drawer and be wielded by the best back-stabbing ba$tard$ in the business.
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