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Alex Karras, RIP

uwcharlie Wrote: Oct 13, 2012 7:37 AM
These either/or solutions won't cut it. Obviously, the NFL can't cut its throat and allow rules to prevent injuries. I think what probably can be done is outlaw the helmet-to-helmet and other truly viscious hits now so common, even though helmet-to-helmet was supposedly already outlawed. There's no way cumulative lower level trauma can be factored into preventative rules. As in so many situations, common sense will eventually demand a solution without taking out the normal violence which fans love and crave. The only thing we have to guard against are the "do-gooders" who have ruined so much of our lives with their determination to take all the risk out of life.

Alex Karras, the former Detroit Lions All-Pro defensive tackle and later a successful actor, died on October 10. I have vivid memories of him before he ever gained immortality as “Mongo” in “Blazing Saddles” or as the stepdad of “Webster.”

Karras was a star on the great Detroit Lions defenses of the early 1960s—a unit that included four Hall-of-Famers: middle linebacker Joe Schmidt and defensive backs Night Train Lane, Dick LeBeau, and Yale Lary, all three of whom were in the top five for career interceptions at the time they retired. This defense led the way to one of the greatest...