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I won't vote for the NC GOP nominee for the Senate race. I will not vote for a hack supported by Jeb, CoC, Romney, and Karl Rove (Crossroads PAC). I threw off my Party leash and I'd just assume have my open enemy in the position, rather than a party hack who will collaborate w/ the filthy vile DemPervs. GOP'ers in Statist drag ain't getting it.
Get this socialistscum's address ect. and wait for the signal.
Give me Christie, Bush, or a couple of other GOP Loyalists, I will either not vote or become vindictive and vote for the DemPerv on the ballot. And not one penny for the RNC or the other party organs. Senate Conservative Fund or Freedom Works or Teaparty Patriots/Express.
Clinton, because after Obama for 8 years, I'd prefer an avowed enemy of my values rather than a backstabbing GOP Statist.
Wrong! Changing the names in the Legislative Branch is more important than the WH. Just 2 or 3 more Liberty/Conservatives in the GOP Senate begins to seriously erode the GOP Senate Establishment. Look at the disruption caused by Senators Lee, Paul, and Cruz? Senate Conservative Fund contributions are working to topple Senator McConnell.
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Kerry Forces Israel’s Moment of Decision

Usurped Wrote: Dec 17, 2013 10:02 PM
And why do you Buster yearn to twist and lie, by commission and omission? Arabic speeches by these leaders of their most Cultured Death Society always renounce the rights of Jews, and that they even exist in a place called Israel. Did your mother or father work at Auschwitz? Just askin
DemPervs never cease to amaze in their manafestations of decadence.
Ok, then whadda bout "The Anointed One" is that more fitting?
So there's hope? Only half tongue in cheek.
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