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That Bus Is Rolling . . .Hillary's Headed Under?

USNbubblehead Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 9:23 AM
Its not simply a matter of being lazy. A competent leader who is familiar with intelligence and military operations would still read the brief, but he or she would simply do this just BEFORE the face to face brief so they have some idea of the topic being discussed on that particular occasion. A face-to-face brief is always desired whenever possible. This way a leader can ask follow on questions as well as put other concerns they may have on the table. It also helps to achieve a consensus with the experts so everyone's on the same page. To not do this smacks of rank incompetence.

As Eliana Johnson points out over at NRO, this morning, David Axelrod continued to throw Hillary Clinton and the State Department under the bus, doubling down on the story that Joe Biden's royal "we" at the veep debate referred only to a party of two -- himself and the President -- not knowing about the requests for enhanced security In Libya. Apparently, in the Obama presidency, the buck doesn't stop with the President . . . it stops with, in Axelrod's words, "the security folks at the State Department." 

What Biden and Axelrod are essentially saying is that Hillary Clinton...