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Obama: I'm Not a Dictator or Judge--Any Bad Econ News During Sequester Is All GOP's Fault

USNbubblehead Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 2:10 PM
And the media will continue to spread misinformation about this. When someone with real clout in their midst, say Bob Woodward, comes along and points out the contradictions they are pilloried. I can remember a time not long ago when going after Woodward, or even disagreeing with him, was a losing proposition. Now, no-one and nothing are sacred.

I stitched together these "best of" clips from Obama's news conference today on the sequester/budget cuts. I don't think the appropriate label for Obama saying he's not a "dictator" or a "[Supreme Court] judge" as a Freudian slip, but the statements are quite revealing as he sees himself in light of his job description.

The takeaway: The first four years of economic bad news is Bush's fault and now it's the fault of congressional Republicans.

NIXON: "I'm not a crook."