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Conservative Media Are Not the Problem

USNbubblehead Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 12:06 PM
Your already there, pal. I know what I see, and the lack of objectivity came from the left. We're not talking about talk radio here; that's opinion and commentary and by its very nature takes a decided position on an issue. It might be different if this wasn't something I've had a profound interest in for many years. The fact that you can sit there and try to tell me I'm seeing the opposite of what I'm actually seeing is just amazing.

It is really getting old to hear liberal politicians and pundits complaining about conservative media as being destructive, as if the country would be better off returning to the halcyon days of the monolithic liberal media.

That seems to be the view of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who complained about "the right-wing control of the American media, particularly starting with Fox News." During a discussion on HuffPost Live, Kennedy said, "Ninety-five percent of talk radio in our country is right-wing ... so a whole section of our country that's what they're hearing."

"Twenty-two percent of Americans," continued Kennedy, "say...