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Gee, he's not going to cry this time? Good. Its high time you put your big boy pants on Boehner. We've got two years to get this right, and you can't be a silly squish.
"To me, it's not about bias, so much as it is about priorities." Umm...don't your priorities result in biased coverage?
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Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.

USNbubblehead Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 9:21 AM
"The real danger is allowing disruptive students in ghetto schools to destroy the education of other black students -- in a world where education is the only hope that most ghetto youngsters have for a better life." And the DEMagogues see an educated and prosperous black population as a danger to their stranglehold on them as a voting block. It seems like every time in history that Republicans liberate blacks, it only takes a few years for the Dems to herd them all back onto the plantation. After reconstruction, there was Jim Crow. After the Civil Rights and Voting acts there was 'The Great Society.' This last one always has me scratching my head. Is it some sort of mass Stockholm Syndrome?
Hey, I've got a carpetbagger from Mass. running in the GOP slot for senate in my state (N.H.). Ordinarily, I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, but this time I'm holding my nose and pulling the lever. I truly DO believe the stakes are that high.
Prog libs. When they're winning, they champion hyper-partisanship by saying its necessary because they're 'fighting the power,' or 'fighting for the little guy,' or some such... When they're losing, they decry it as a breakdown in our political system. I, for one, cry no tears for the likes of Ezra Klein, who doesn't even know how old the constitution is. He's all gas and no substance.
Number six is right on the money, that's for sure. I couldn't agree more.
Number 11: "And there’s the corollary: If you oppose liberals in advancing what they want, you are against not just liberals but social justice itself. " Social justice is a philosophy where an elite oligarchy separates individuals into groups and then decide which group deserves more resources than other groups. Since this undoubtedly impinges on the rights of individuals, is is incompatible with the philosophy of natural rights from which we derive individual liberty. Social justice chooses the collective over the individual, which makes it incompatible with our system of government. So yes, from a philosophical and governmental standpoint, I am against social justice itself. We are a nation of individuals, not a collection of social groups.
Number 14 is an example of naked bigotry, which is, after all, what so-called 'progressives' are.
Gee, I bet that reassured Netanyahu. If you like your closest middle east ally, you can keep your closest middle east ally. Sure. I believe it, don't you?
Wow. As they say, a picture (or these days, a cellphone video) is worth a thousand words. I'm glad she wasn't intimidated. I hope she remains committed to the truth. We need at least one good journalist out there.
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