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A New Era of Terror?

USNbubblehead Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 11:50 AM
"the idea that Al Qaeda prefers "spectacular" attacks like those perpetrated on 9/11. The question is whether that approach is changing." Terrorists and insurgents are very fluid in terms of what kind of operations they run and how they run them. The primary philosophy in choosing targets is to seek the path of least resistance and make it very public; lots of media. I talk to people all the time also that seem to think that al Qaeda will always operate the same way. This is a very naive view IMHO. Even conventional military organizations modify and update tactics as required. Why should terrorists and insurgents be any different?

Despite David Axelrod's implication that the President thought anti-tax zealots might be the terrorists who blew up innocent victims at the Boston marathon, CNN is reporting that the second edition of an Al Qaeda magazine offering terrorist tips actually included instructions for making the type of bomb detonated yesterday (the same type of item also appeared in its first edition).

Obviously, America has always confronted the possibility of lone terrorists -- as, for example, in the failed Times Square car bombing that occurred in 2010.   For a long time, however, many have been comforted by the idea...