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Sorry Amy, in my Church the corner stone is Jesus Christ. There are no others. Also, I know of several Baptist Pastors who were ordered to alter prayer because they have a habit of closing prayer "In Jesus' name, Amen" One of them was threatened with a written letter of reprimand. While being counseled by the Base Chaplain this brave sailor began to remove his rank insignia and offered to resign his commission then and there. The Base Chaplain backed off. In todays' environment it is easy for superiors to mask true reasons in couched charges and clever phrases. When I entered the USMC, it was illegal to be a Homosexual Bill Clinton made it optional. I'm glad (not GLADD) that I retired before BHO makes it mandatory.
a slag having indiscriminate sex is not engaged in family planning.
The "consequence" of sex is a child. Without sex there wouldn't be one. If you need an orgasim for something to enjoy there are "other options" that do not cause the formation of a child.
If it is necessary for happiness and fulfillment, why are you on this site and not out being happy and fulfilled?
So, as a loose woman she got pregnant by having sex with men she had no intention of marrying let alone being married to. Guess you gotta pass that free time somehow.
But the government decided that a woman can kill her child with the help of a licensed professional. So the government did have a part in the decision process.
Who lied to them and stated that they can have consequence free sex?
Look at what the education system is doing about "sex education". It is no more than a how to guide and a why it can happen. Sex is never taught that it is for procreation first, they teach it is for recreation and that if you don't engage in safe sex a baby could result. In other words, sex "should" be just a natural occurance for individual feel good and a "relationship". No discussion of what the natural progression of a relationship is - procreation. Now, before the "but if you can't have klids...." loonies hop on this the fact some one may be unable to concieve or father a child does not make sex a primarilly recreational activity.
But killing is killing none the less.
The problem Lars is our elected leaders pass new laws that are in contradiction with existing laws all the time. Given the opportunity they will do it again.
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