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Boehner: I Support The President's Call For Action on Syria

usmcpgw Wrote: Sep 03, 2013 12:45 PM
Manual of Military Law, Pt I, Chapter VI, Article 24 Article 24 of the Manual of Military Law makes it quite clear that members of the armed forces have a lawful duty to disobey orders from their superior officers if they believe that those orders are unlawful. It also makes it quite clear that if they do carry out an unlawful order they will be held criminally responsible for the consequences of the order. The publication of the Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict by the Ministry of Defence in 2004 reconfirmed the principle and made it quite clear that the duty to disobey a manifestly unlawful order applies to all superior orders from wherever they originate. 16.47.3 Orders from a superior in this context include those of a government, a superior - military or civilian - or a national law or regulation. A serviceman is under a duty not to obey a manifestly unlawful order. Manual of the Law of Armed Conflict, Chapter 16, Article 47 That a soldier can be held criminally responsible for his actions when following unlawful orders was confirmed after the Vietnam war when the US Court of Military Appeals rejected the plea of superior orders and confirmed the guilty verdict on Lt William Calley for his part in the My Lai massacre.
Speaking briefly to reporters after a meeting at the White House, Speaker of the House John Boehner said he supports President Obama's "call for action" on Syria.

Boehner stressed the United States can and will show the world that can send a strong message against the use of chemical weapons and said the United States is in talks with allies about how to move forward.

House Minority Leader Nancy echoed Boehner's statement while offering political cover for President Obama.

"Weapons of mass destruction, deterring their use, is a pillar of our national security," Pelosi said....