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you clueless drone, it was passed behind closed doors, at night with not ONE SINGLE vote from a republican, it was upheld by SCOTUS as a TAX, it has been a FLAWED wreck of a bill from its inception. It is nothing more than another means of taking your rights and crapping on them. It is Alinky's and all his P.O.S. followers wet dreams, part 1. Single payer system is next, you complete fool.
Holy Shyt moment was when this completely incompetent administration suckered all the white guilt votes in 2008. The moment when media stopped pretending to being objective to let a totally unqualified slick talking jive turkey out of CHICAGO off all places to become President was the first holy shyt moment. Prepare for a whole lot more holy shyt moments, this chump has 3 more years left.
Lord help us.
"Statesmanship", while its more noble to be civil and avoid * hysterics *, (which the DEMONCRATS have perfected to an art), is SIMPLY not working against this current crop of socialist democrats. You MUST fight fire with fire. Hence the birth and righteous popularity, (and fear and scorn from the left), of the Tea Party. Tea Party Americans are NOT radicals, terrorists, uninformed voters and every other vile name given to us PUBLICLY by the left. We are simply Americans who are SICK AND TIRED of the lack of backbone and false compromise games which have brought us to this time in history. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 2010 will happen again in 2014, and you short memory p.o.s. demoncrats will be vanquished. Mark my words.
the ONLY place this SHREW deserves to be is in a JAIL CELL, right next to Lois Lerner and Susan Rice.
Dr. X , you are exactly the type of soro's paid flying monkey progressive troll Mr. Hunter wrote about, just less offensive.
we MUST remember folks, progressives suffer from *ARRESTED DEVELOPEMENT*, spoiled brat teenage minds trapped in adult bodies.
unf(*&ing believable, but then again, they are PROGRESSIVES aka ENEMIES of America, protected by the very people they despise...the United States Military.
gold- and you're like the gift that keeps on giving...HERPES
the ONLY reason it's taken SO LONG to come to a decision is because this P.O.S. administration hasn't figured out how to BLAME it all on the republican party yet.
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