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Use to drive truck through New Jersey. It's a cesspool. The truck stops have a police presence almost 24/7. Sounds like Donio and McClain are a couple of misogynists. I would ask where NOW's presence is but we all know how worthless they are. To all you women out there who carry or are planning on arming yourselves. For God's sake, keep your mouth shut about it.
Since the regime lies every time they open their mouths we have absolutely no idea how many people have insurance. You are 100% correct when you say that the entire enrollment number can not be used in the denominator since it's a bogus number anyway. For all we actually know there may be only a million people have signed on and only 670,000 paid a premium. It's all smoke and mirrors. Remember the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. And Benghazi was because of a movie and the IRS is totally without fault and I'm an American citizen with a Connecticut social security number and on and on and on.
And Marc is a blind man, right?
And the IRS is going to hunt down 30 million non-believers?
Made me chuckle. Someone once said it's better to slide in beat, bloody, drunk and commenting, "Wow, what a ride". The runners and work out enthusiasts, eating sun flower seeds and granola, are gonna die too. I think I'll put some flame to Romeo & Juliet Churchill and pour a myself a bourbon.
If only Stanley Ann Dunham and Margaret Sanger had been best friends. It would be a better world today.
Very well stated. Simple and true.
I drive school buses and the white vans that shuttle special needs kids and private school kids. I like both of the latter. The special needs are my buds and the private school kids are educated and good conversationalists. Especially in science. They know what's going on in Washington and they don't like it. The public school kids riding the big yellow buses are future Obama type voters, thanks to the public school teachers. I don't have much discourse with them all but, I do listen to them. This country may yet survive socialism.
By 15 votes? This country is divided. The work for what you get verses the take what you can get. Come to my door step when you are cold and hungry and Barry no longer cares for you. I can alleviate your pain for a nickel.
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