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where is representative weiner when you need him
where is representative weiner when you need him
he's tough..word is he swallows not spits out
democrat lying=redundant
I'm for homosexual marriage now that Anderson Pooper is a republican
shut up and finish your kool aid
don't expect too much from the sheeple of Mass..remember they elected Theodore Kennedy, the murderer over and over again....cheerokee people cherokee tribe, so glad you lived so glad you died...Cher Boners
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Phony in Chief

USMC7 Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 9:51 AM
the boon in new orleans got billion of taxpayer dollars, thousands of individuals got federal dollars on visa cards and they prmptly went to las vegas to party...f(*& barry obama the liar and muslim
is it ok to talk about barry's time at the chicago bath houses
it is unAmerican, unpatriotic, and simply stupid to support barry.....the 2% white-two teaspoons of bosco boy is a pos
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