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Holder Urges Bipartisanship on Immigration

USMC63 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 7:22 PM
Yea, this uber-partisan incompetent loon wants bi-partisanship? He is the most partisan and racist AG in our history. He and Obama work in concert along with Harry Reid to successfully block all attempts at governance by anyone but them. Obama uses executive orders and his federal agencies to implement agency laws that would never make it throughout Congress, Reid blocks EVERYTHING from the House and Holder refuse to appoint independent investigators and special prosecutors to investigate all the scandals, debacles, acts of incompetence and conflict of interest and illegal end runs around the Constitution. They have become a triumvirate that "rules" rather than govern and have turned our representative republic into an oligarchy ruled by them.
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Bordering on Madness

USMC63 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 7:16 PM
The real reason all these Hispanics are coming here is not for the liberties or freedoms - but all the goodies they know they will get once they are here. Most are low educated, illiterate, low to NO skilled, many are sick and criminal elements. They have large families they cannot afford and the young women have many children out of wedlock that are not supported by the numerous fathers. These "anchor babies" are eligible for many welfare programs and "free stuff" allowing the "family" to live much better than in their 3rd world cesspools that have NO safety nets of any kind. The Hispanics of today are learning like many poor blacks learned long ago, why work when you can just sit home and breed and get rewarded for it. They lower their expectations and perpetuate the welfare/entitlement to their children which becomes a viscous cycle of fraud, domestic violence, criminality and unsustainable societal and fiscal costs to America.
Australia only allows people with an education or needed skills to enter their country - a sensible policy for any advanced nation. We on the other hand allow mostly uneducated, illiterate, low to no skilled workers, sick and criminal elements to literally flood our borders - and then instead of turning them back over we house them, clothe, feed and give medical care to them. Then we disperse them all over our nation and ask them to show up for an immigration hearing of which 95% never show up. What other country would allow tens of millions to do this? NONE!!!!
This is what France gets for allowing all these Muslims to immigrate to their country, in 50 years they will be the majority and French culture will cease to exist.
There is no form of welfare Liberal morons like Warren do not support. They are real good at spending other peoples money.
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Step Right Up to MTV's Incest Plot

USMC63 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 10:35 PM
"incest is fun"???? The Left and especially the entertainment industry is hell bent on erasing any sense of decency, morality or ethical behavior - because they have none and see any standards as judgmental.
What more is needed for people to see how "above the law" this administration is, with no accountability or fear of prosecution? We have a tyrannical triumvirate in Obama, Holder and Reid all working in concert to "rule" this country and render our Congress and representative republic irrelevant and impotent to do anything.
This is what our inner cities are going to look like all over this country, hispanics and blacks feeding on one another and the taxpayer picking up the tab for all their illegitimate children, crime and incarceration - Thanks Obama and the Democratic Party.
This type of sociopath is what we want in our country??? All these type of people will ever do is have lots of kids they never pay for who all get on welfare and live in and out of prison preying on their neighbors and the country.
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Most union members have ties to government

USMC63 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 8:55 PM
FDR was totally against the unionization of the government, because he knew they would align with politicians and negotiate sustainable wages, pensions and benefits with all the protections of civil service and NO accountability. Today the unions both public and private art totally in the pocket of the Democratic Party and they are both complicit in cheating the taxpayer and a conflict of interest. Unions give hundreds of millions of dollars in union dues to the Democratic Party and in return the Dems give unsustainable wage, ensign and benefit packages to public sector unions - a revolving door of corruption that neither are held accountable for. As a result we have over 13 TRILLION in underfunded public sector (government) pensions in this country that pay out 10 to 100 times more than was ever contributed by the pensioner, depending on how long they live. It will be the financial crisis of the future the taxpayer is on the hook for.
If todays Liberals truly had their way, there would be no opposing views, no diversity of thought, no opposition to the Democratic Party government dogma. They want to impose censorship, limit free speech, criminalize personal views and implement a virtual totalitarian "Nanny" state, where the central government, media and academia exercise total control over the individual's actions, speech, thoughts, liberties, freedoms and choices - from cradle to the grave!
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