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Obamacare: Latinos Aren’t Buying It

USMC63 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 11:20 PM
Why should they buy it when they know they can get it for free? The Democrats will pander and give anything to Hispanics because they see them as the new voting block of the future to keep them in power. They have blacks, gays, youth, labor, unions, poor, academia, Liberals, progressives, most independents - they now will do anything to have hispanics in their back pocket like they have blacks and all the other fringe groups
America is so controlled by the Democratic Party and their cohorts in the mainstream media, academia and entertainment industry, the Republicans do not have a chance to get out any opposing views or ideas. They have all learned that screaming racism and defining the GOP as racists, homophobes, neanderthals, sexists and any other negative term you can think of - works with the dumbed down and government dependent electorate. With Hillary it will be gender bias and the GOP "hates" women and wants to turn the clock back to before WWII. They will use any phony issue to keep the GOP on defense and demean any ideas as "right wing" craziness that will hurt average Americans.
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Jeb v. Hillary?

USMC63 Wrote: Apr 07, 2014 10:17 PM
Hillary whose only qualification for the presidency is what - a vagina? She was a mediocre senator at best and a total failure as SOS with 4 dead Americans and destroyed middle east embassies on her watch. She has never so much as run a profitable hot dog cart but is somehow qualified to be president? PLEASE - we see how badly that model is working out with Obama - another scam artist narcissist that has doubled the national debt in 5 years with nothing to show for it, household incomes down by $4,500, healthcare premiums up $2,500, welfare up 32%, foodstamps up 47%, disability claims up 110%, the lowest worker participation rate since 1978, 5 million less in the workforce than 2009. and last but not least Obama and Hillary failed on every seminal foreign policy issue that presented itself, especially that giant RESET button that was going to make Russia and the Muslims love us.
This semi-literate moron would defend Obama if he shot a Republican on nationwide TV. Only Republicans are incompetent and evil in her insane Newspeak parallel universe.
Tolerance, opposing views and diversity of thought is not allowed by the Left and Democrats/Progressives/Liberals of today - just like it was not allowed in Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, Fidel and Che's CUba or any other Socialist/Communist/Totalitarian state. True Freedom of speech as outlined by the Founding Father's is dead today.
Black supremacy is in vogue since January 2009 - white pride and supremacy is "racist" since 1964?
All things like this do is cause people to act "smarter" - meaning they use justifiable reasons for denial of service.
Is it any wonder sickening fringe Liberal know it all groups like PETA, make most Americans want to throw up?
Jeb Bush, like so many members of dynastic families, just does not realize that his name was tarnished for a couple of generations at least. Rightfully or wrongly, Bush is not going to win in a national presidential race, even though he might be a great executive and president. Clinton on the other hand is a name, rightfully or wrongly, associated with better times. Between Hillary and Jeb Bush I have no doubt Bush is more qualified as being a successful governor of a large state, but Hillary has better voter ID even though she was a mediocre senator and a failed SOS, with 4 dead Americans on her watch. That being the case, Sadly, I do not see any GOP nominee beating her - the electorate of today is too dumbed down, uninformed, emotional and government dependent and that bodes well for Democrats - as we have seen in the last 2 elections.
Good in theory, but there are so many slackers that live from job to job just to get unemployment, they account for the majority of long term unemployed. A 6 month cap would be an incentive, 99 weeks is a disincentive, just like welfare and foodstamps forever. People who really want to work, always find a way and do not just lower their expectations. If you are goal and success oriented, like many of the legal immigrants and even illegal aliens, they always find a way to work and feed their families, they will not settle for crumbs like many of our indigenous citizens who see themselves as victims.
Oh course they will! Courage is in short supply in DC, especially when you are constantly backed into a corner and defending the accusation the the GOP is "Anti-AMerican Anti-Working Class" and the Sant Claus Party Democrats never saw a program they would not extend or give away money we do not have. Limits like the old 6 months for unemployment have gone out the window - on everything. My question is this _ Why is the GOP not backing Obama and the Dems into a corner by asking - If your economy is so good and you are creating so many jobs, why does unemployment have to be extended - AGAIN????
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