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It's Better Now

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 7:26 PM
Black on black murder rates are through the roof, rapes? how many go unreported? Gangs and their warfare in inner cities is like war zones. The gated community where Stossell most likely lives is relatively safe - I wonder if he would say the same thing if he lived in Detroit, South Chicago, Philly, L.A. or any of the other armpits in our nation?
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Breathing Human Passion and Leadership

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 6:31 PM
All Democrats of today use personal attacks, the politics of destruction, class warfare, victimization and racial division. That is why our nation today under the Great Uniter is more divided than anytime since the 1960s. We are seeing the very beginnings of racial divides that will start in urban centers and spread across the nation. Thanks to people like Obama, Holder, Sharpton and all the other race hustlers, there is a sense of entitlement by blacks and hispanics and hatred for whites, the rich, hard working and the successful.
Difference between someone who has played baseball and a wartime president - and what we have today - pathetic!
The time for airstrikes wee when ISIS was convoying across the open deserts - they could have been slaughtered the way GHWBush id to Saddam's Republican guard trying to flee from Kuwait in Desert Storm. Now that ISIS is imbedded into the civilian population and large urban areas - they will be next to impossible to extricate without American urban warfare knowledge, troops, courage, the will to fight and technology.
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Success or Failure?

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 6:20 PM
No matter what he does, the media and historians will hail him as a "historical" president - and he knows it. He just wants to coast for the next 2 years and not screw up too bad, where even his sycophants have to desert him. Look for an immigration and ISIS debacles and the full costs of Obamacare in 2015 to complicate that for him.
Kind of like Obama and Holder - they abide by their oath of office and the Constitution , unless it gets in the way of their agenda
This politically correct Islamic sympathizer cannot even bring himself to call ISIS - ISIS - he always refers to them as ISIL. Kind of like calling the Washington Redskins - the Washington Indigenous Americans.
If Democrats and their puppeteers in the environmental movement had allowed us to use ALL our God given natural resources and develop all forms of technologically advanced energy generation like clean coal and safe nuclear and natural gas like Europe does, we would not have been dependent upon foreign sources of energy.
Bush we are told was not that smart. He graduated from Yale and Harvard, flew fighter jets in the National guard, was an owner of the Texas Rangers, a successful Governor of a solvent state and ultimately a 2 term president. Although I did not agree with going int Iraq, we had it contained, and I did not believe in his spending, especially giving 15 billion dollars to Africa for AIDS - I will take 7 of his 8 years in all areas compared to the stagnant and failed policies domestically and in foreign policy of this incompetent poser we have today - that never so much as ran a profitable taco wagon before scamming 52% of the brain dead electorate he was SOMEHOW qualified to be president.
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Get Angry Now

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 10:15 PM
Sadly, too many GOP members complain, but if "their guy" or the "perfect" candidate in their mind is not the nominee - they stay home. They did this in 2008 and especially in 2012. If the GOP could not get 11 million of their registered voters to get up off the couch and go vote against Obama - why or how will they take back the senate or elect a president in 2016 against Hillary?????????
ISIL is not Islamic? - better tell them that Barry. They think they are and that is all that counts. This politically correct appeaser cannot say the words "Radical Islam terrorists"
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