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ISIL is not Islamic? - better tell them that Barry. They think they are and that is all that counts. This politically correct appeaser cannot say the words "Radical Islam terrorists"
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The Jihadists' Eternal Plan

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 2:02 PM
Hard to defeat an idea - look at Socialism, Communism, ethnic cleansing. As long as there is 1 radical muslim, their hatred and obsession will live on. When you live in some 3rd world hell hole with nothing to lose - what is the downside??? These are our enemies and they are not going away, not in any of our lifetimes. Eventually we will have to learn to live like Israel, where you never know if getting a pizza with your family - you will be blown up.
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The Irrelevant President

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:57 PM
He may be irrelevant and the worst president ever, but that will not keep the media, academia and historians from saying just the opposite and him ending up with a memorial of the DC mall. Sickening isn't it????
The GOP loses this fight with the majority of Americans and the media every time they try it - you cannot win with only 1/3 of the government - are they beyond stupid??? Wait until you have all 3 branches and then do what is necessary, do not keep yourself from getting that majority with stupid actions that ultimately fail.
I agree, but the majority of the burden will be on working Americans, which are quickly becoming a minority in this country. The impacts to citizens and the business community will not be totally felt until Obama's term is almost up in 2016, it was designed that way.
Once these large government programs get instituted they are never repealed, never ending streams of money are thrown at them to keep them from totally failing, until at some time in the future there just is not enough money anymore.
In some areas like construction, landscaping, laborers, food and hotel industry the numbers are over 90% and those "Americans" that used to do this type of work are now all collecting welfare or disability checks, foodstamps and the like - why work when you can get a government check and vote Democratic Party????
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The GOP's 2016 Race to Defeat

USMC63 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 1:26 PM
I agree - the GOP has no list of ideas or principles that will make life better for "working" Americans. Upholding the status quo and just being "against" the Democrats will not get it done. Too many registered GOP voters stay home if "their guy" or the "perfect" candidate is not the nominee. They are the ones that gave us Obama twice by staying home. The GOP leadership has failed miserably to get out a cohesive strategy or message with the American people - like "we are FOR affordable and consistent energy supplies and prices, we are FOR tax reform so the EVERYONE, including the poor pay for the privilege of being an American, We are FOR reforming and capping welfare and requiring work or community service to get it. We are FOR a secure border and a sound immigration just poor uneducated, illiterate, no skilled people that have large families they cannot afford and become a burden on the taxpayer. When you have ideas that help Americans in their wallets, they get up off the couch and vote.
This administration makes the Nixon gang look like law abiding citizens.
Even a brain dead liberal automaton ought to see the lack of spine in this lying and deceitful scam artist we have for a president. He is going to go around the legislative process and thumb his nose at the Constitution once again, but just after the mid terms, so he might not lose some seats in either house. His last 2 years will be pure dictatorial rule by executive order and caveat - get ready he will transform America like he promised and it will not be good for Americans that actually have a job and have to pay for all his unsustainable programs.
Nothing will happen, Eric Holder and the Dems will block any attempts at getting to the truth and there is no civil outrage, large protests or demonstrations by the citizenry. The only thing that gets anything done in this country is millions of people hitting the streets in DC in peaceful but highly organized demonstrations of their anger and dissatisfaction, certainly not the ballot box any longer.
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