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Blacks have been brainwashed for decades by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the mainstream media that they are hapless victims, no wonder they have the highest murder rates, criminal activity and incarceration rates, drug usage, unwed mothers, unemployment rates, highest per capita welfare and foodstamp rates, lowest high school and college graduation rates. Seems like that victimization and race hustling strategy only makes the race hustlers like Jackson and Sharpton rich off of the continued misery of their own people, not the black race which is in crisis.
Economic Inequality - a vague term like Bill Clintons "A bridge to the Future" or Obama's "Yes we Can " (but we haven't yet) will no doubt be Hillary's slogan for her brain dead cult followers. She will be ramping up the class warfare and Bush hatred like Obama did, especially pointing out how bad women are doing in comparison to men, especially under Obama's watch. I wonder how much she will try to blame Bush for the 8 years of 12% unemployment for women and the highest poverty rate that has all happened under Obama.
All the "grant" taxpayer money that is given out for this sort of rubbish is mind boggling. The number of professors and phony organizations that exist on taxpayer money is disgusting. It is a scam that nobody is ever held responsible for just like all billions of foreign aid given to our enemies, which ends up in the leaders pockets. EVERY single dollar we spend, we have to borrow 40 cents of that dollar from foreign investors - if that is not insanity - I do not know what is.
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Why Liberals Love Reparations

USMC63 Wrote: May 30, 2014 6:00 PM
Something that is never spoken is that the descendants of the slaves brought here, hit the biological lottery being born in America rather than in the primitive continent of Africa, where they would have been slaughtered, cannabalized or enslaved by some stronger tribe. The idea that Africa had noble peace loving savages is absurd. The continent of Africa before the white man - hardly evolved above primitive hunter gatherers and murderous savages. There was no "enlightenment or sciences created by sub saharan blacks, they were very little from the ancient men that migrated out of Africa a hundred thousand years before. Blacks sold blacks into slavery using Arab middlemen to supply the slaves to the French, British, Dutch, Portuguese,Americans and all the other colonial powers of the time. They have as much blood on their hands as the slave owners who bought them. There is no doubt America would have been much better off had they never been brought here. That we can blame on African blacks, Arabs and greedy plantation owners who did this nation no favor.
Do not try to educate the ignorant and those who hate Jews -The Romans erroneously named it Palestine after the Philistines, the locals who lived there for 3 thousand years called it Judea and Cannan long before the Romans gave it the wrong name. Palestinians were basically goat herders who followed their flocks down the coast from Syria to Egypt, while Jews actually created large civilized cities like Jerusalem.
It is still Israel, nice to see a leader, lead, something we have not seen in almost 6 years.
Yet look how many Democratic Party party automatons revere her for being an enabling old hag that allowed her husband to sexually harass and have numerous affairs, be humiliated in front of the whole world - and then attack the victims and mistresses rather than leave her deviant husband like any decent woman would do.
Clinton like Obama are never held responsible for their own words and statements, they always say they are taken out of context by vast right wing conspirators. People forget that Bill Clinton lied about everything, from OBL to Monica and then was caught - but his brain dead followers still love him. Dems and the media are like a cult when it comes to the Clintons and Obama - no matter what they do they are never held responsible
Why does there have to be a strategy? Would not the TRUTH be sufficient? Oh-I forgot we are talking about a Clinton - never mind.
One of the worst liars in PS history - lacking any central core of decency - Our version of Joseph Goebbels. Goodbye and good riddance - I do not expect much from this administration, but just about anyone will be better than this brain dead partisan troll.
Each has a particular role to play and each have select units within trained to the highest standards for specific missions. The Marines are the most diverse and most self contained, with their own air wings and infantry units on land and carrier groups, marine expeditionary forces, forced reconnaissance units, armored units and all the rest, but none of the armed forces can be successful without the support and cooperation of all the others. The 1% that have always served this nation so the other 99% could live under the umbrella of freedom they provide - need to hold them in high esteem for their service.
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