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A Murder of One

USMC2531 Wrote: May 14, 2012 11:00 AM
1. so they individula in the womb is NOT a rock or something. it is a living organism 2. the bahy in the womb of a female human will NOT become anything other than human(is she carrying a goat in there) 3. human being IS a person. ?

Some years ago, I was sitting in a tree stand in Sampson County, North Carolina. Less than an hour after ascending into the stand, a beautiful doe stepped into my field of vision. I raised my 30/30 and set my sights just behind her right shoulder. Just as I was about to pull the trigger, I saw something moving along the outer perimeter of my field of vision. I glanced to my right and saw a young fawn grazing just 25 yards away from its mother – the doe I had nearly shot. I had to draw my weapon down for...