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Liberals Panic As They Lose the Gun Narrative

USMC1982 Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 5:05 AM
Threaten that and all who support gun control will be voted out in the next election cycle as many devoted hunters dont care about self defense, they do care about hunting, and 43.5 million pi-s-s-e-d off hunters and hunting organizations will vote the democrats out of power just like in 1994! Since these compromises will only affect the 92% of all deaths by illegal use of a firearm are indeed committed by career criminals, gang members, and suiciders, this will indeed be an appropriate start and is indeed concessions the antis have to available to offer.
When you argue for a living, you can tell how an argument is going for you. The evidence and my gut both tell me that the liberals have lost control of the gun control narrative.

Not for lack of trying – it was almost as if they were poised to leap into action across the political, media and cultural spectrum the second the next semi-human creep shot up another “gun free zone.” This was their big opening to shift the debate and now it’s closing. They’ve lost, and they are going nuts.

The evidence is all around that...