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Threaten that and all who support gun control will be voted out in the next election cycle as many devoted hunters dont care about self defense, they do care about hunting, and 43.5 million pi-s-s-e-d off hunters and hunting organizations will vote the democrats out of power just like in 1994! Since these compromises will only affect the 92% of all deaths by illegal use of a firearm are indeed committed by career criminals, gang members, and suiciders, this will indeed be an appropriate start and is indeed concessions the antis have to available to offer.
No limits on personal ownership including ammunition as many buy in bulk to enjoy the shooting sports. All states are required to honor the same exact amount of training, concealed carry, ownership, transport, storage laws, etc, etc, by the way this is not negotiable! The age to own a pistol is pretty much 21 wherever in the US already and in deference to the 43.5 million hunters in the US, your suggestion for no one under 21 to own a shotgun, 30-30, .22 rifle and such is a deal breaker.
Next, legalize illicit drugs and destroy the cartels and gangs influence fueled by massive drug revenues. This will save $50 bil minimum in DEA budget, then taxes can be generated by using those agents to tax and control the former illicit drugs, not to mention drastically reduce the amount of violent crime associated with the illicit drug trade. This will open prison space where 30-40% are incarcerated for drug offenses to put the 99% of felons the BATF formerly refused to prosecute for attempting to buy firearms. Waiting periods have never proven to have any value, hence irrelevant
..and 7% of adults (21.8 mil) also have severe mental illness in the US. Next, all laws that don’t apply to felons, will be judged unconstitutional and removed from the roles, simplifying gun control laws for the law abiding gun owners. No registration will ever be accepted, so you need to dump the GPS, it isnt happening. See Haynes vs. US 390, 85, 1968 for the guidelines of what 85% of the existing gun control laws do not apply to felons due to the 5th amendment right of no self incrimination which by law means no registration, permits, training etc, etc, etc...
A law will be made that the BATF must prosecute every felon or person rejected by the background check instead of the less than 1% (over 1 mil since 1994, and 830,000 others rejected) today or face federal funding cutbacks. ?? This law will also force the BATF to allow civilian access without extra licensing or control to use the NICS background check for private sales.? Next the state govt. will be held financially and criminally responsible for failure to fund and resource the NICS mental health reporting function. Today the NICS database shows only 1.7 mil records of those who by due process have lost their rights. All while mental health experts identify that 50% of current 2.7 mil prisoners have severe mental health illness, ..
As to licenses, if you wish them to occur every year, they will only cost gun owners $5, which will cover handling and processing fee's in perpetuity. No other fee's taxes, township or otherwise will be levied against a firearm other than standard manufacturing and sales taxes the state applies to all goods sold! Then of course any company, organization, govt. entity, school that wishes to disarm patrons etc, must then put in place protective measures to defend the innocents they disarm, making it illegal on the federal level to increase their costs to pass on to their customer or patrons, taking such costs directly from their own profits.
We will then insist that firearms safety training be mandated in elemtary, middle and high school curriculum, at minimum like a hunter safety class, just like Health class used to have a time devoted to home and safety training when I was a student. This will decrease the likelyhood of accidents, even though accidental deaths of children 0-18 is the lowest it has been in decades at 100 in 2009 per CDC. Real quick question, since felons and bad guys arent held to obey such laws, and they are responsible for over 92% of deaths by illegal use of a firearm, just how do you plan on getting those criminals and such in to get the registered, get them trained, and repeat that each year?
Since there are 350 million firearms in the US and it appears you want to confiscate all those firearms not "qualified", we suggest a buy back program like Australia did, only we wont accept half value for our property like they did, something to do with the 4th amendment ya know! Roughly of all those weapons are semi-auto and just using the $475 amount the Australian govt, paid for each weapon in 1996. That would be somewhere around $135-$200 billion dollars you need to come up with and oh one more thing, no gun owner will be taxed to cover that cost, only those wearing an SOD symbol will be taxed, after all, it is you that want this. But of course you are going to retrofit all those other 175 mil weapons with your safe sys
Those who choose to rely on the police, who only solve an average of 8.06% of all violent crimes committed each year, should themselves alone pay any increases in costs for the police to do so and those with the SOD symbol on their person, clothing and home will allow the police to maximize and be efficient in their valiant, but hopeless efforts. ? Then as a further measure to protect those who are so fearful of the law abiding gun owner, will need to be sheltered in gated communities, appropriately named SOD-OM & Gomohra. Since you wish to move all the crazies out of the house where sane gun owners live, we suggest they are moved into SOD-OM & Gomohra.
We suggest the anti gun people be willing to wear a symbol to identify their gun free status, uh like the STAR OF DAVID. Such an appropriate mark for disarmed victims. We pro gun people will wear the Stars & Stripes representing our belief and support of the US Constitution and our BOR. Then the antis will be be required to post this STAR OF DAVID (SOD) on their front door, their lawn, their vehicle to show their masters that they are gun free, afterall, they have nothing to hide. We will post the Stars & Stripes on the same places! This way the police and the criminals will know whom they must protect/attack, whats the difference,, even though by law they (the police have been ruled dozens of times not to be legally liable) to do so. ?
See were the antis really serious about coming to table and meeting the pro gun side halfway, they must be willing to give something up in return, see that is how compromise occurs. So what should be the suggestion, ah, I have it. The antis at various times have tried to shame the gun owners into submission by posting who has permits and licenses, claiming if they have nothing to hide why should they worry. So using that logic, we will propose the anti gun side do likewise since they have nothing to hide, and essentially wish to opt out of exercising their 2A right as well as opt out of defending themselves or their loved ones.
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