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"Ron Paul is rarely correct in his theories - but always confident in his ignorance of how the World works " He has to feed his Paul Bots. Guy is a delusional looney toon.
Before any facts came to light these animals were already tearing up everything in sight. Now Rev. Al is there to gin up more violence in the name of social justice, so he can line his pockets on exploiting blacks. I wouldn't release the name either. Doing so would be grossly negligent.
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Mend, Don’t End, the VA

USMC0311Vet Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 6:16 PM
VA is a joke and has always been a joke. It's problems being government ran jobs program at the expense of quality care will always be there. As a veteran the idea that I rate some second class healthcare instead of the superior healthcare everyone else is afforded is total garbage. Recently it took the VA over 4 months to even mail me an ID card. I have no faith in the government being involved in my healthcare especially after I was asked whether or not I own firearms by my primary care doctor for a damn annual physical. The VA is a garbage jobs programs at the expense of veterans. Give them vouchers to choose their own care providers because with the VA system you just have to stay with whatever garbage doctor that got stuck in the queue at the time.
Katie is such a babe. Conservative women are hot.
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