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In Four More Years We'll Be Detroit

ushouldtalk Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 8:53 AM
You're not going to "waist" your time reading this but you apparently wasted a lot of time in elementary school where kids learn the difference between "waist" and "waste." Also, in elementary school, it is taught that "is" usually does not follow "us." Did you grow up in Detroit?
jacob60 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 9:16 AM
Please do not touch the schools theme.

I don't know what are kids taught in school, judging from the way they hold a pencil/pen
in their hands and the orthographic 'HORRORS" not "ERRORS" in their writing, proven
by how this poster wrote "WASTE" ....
Neither I understand the kind of teachers (save for the few honorable exceptions, as
scarce as hen's teeth) and what the liberals turned our schools into....
In my day and age, pupils wore UNIFORMS and it was only in college one could dress
any way one liked, within strict limits...
Nowadays, the classroom authority are the children and principals, more interested in
holding on to their positions, will always rule for the pupils...
And how about the books ????

From one moment to the next the city of Detroit doesn’t know where its next bailout is coming from. Chronically unable to pay its bills, the city looks to the state for cash gifts to stave off default. Operating under the terms of a consent agreement hammered out with the state, Detroit faces fiscal uncertainty largely because it has failed to get adequate concessions from public employee unions that are unsustainable. And those concessions that they have wrested from unions, politicians in Detroit have been unwilling to enforce.     

One prominent Detroit attorney, however, is facing the future of the Motor...

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