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Obama brought up the old "if it saves one life" argument. Hey, I'm all about not seeing people get murdered. But what if the reduced availability of ammo resulted in the death of someone who needed 11 or more rounds instead of the allowable ten to defend theirself? Would that make the idiot feel bad? The legislation does not get to the root of the problem. Bad people with bad intentions do not care about magazine limits, available weapon type limits or background checks. The Boston Bomber didn't need a background check, a minimized magazine or an assault rifle to cause that carnage.
Watched the idiot's presser. Golly, he's really upset. And longer winded than a cat 1 hurricane.
Causes me to wonder if it's the caucasian part of Obama that's ignorant. And, if I disagree with the caucasian part of Obama am I still considered a racist by Chris Matthews?
So you'd be saying that the black desk clerk I encountered in Wichita, KS years ago that denied me a quoted rate from Ramada Inn yet while I'm standing there apologized to and gave the black guest the same rate that I and, clearly, he was quoted yet denied me an adjustment, couldn't have been just a little touch of racism? All I asked for was the rate I was quoted and confirmed twice with Ramada. The black guest walked up and all he had to say he was quoted the rate I was quoted too and asked to have the charges reflect that. The desk clerk didn't hesitate to change his. Hope he got fired though after I had a lengthy discussion with the manager and Ramada. Wouldn't know, though, because I never bothered to use Ramada again.
I tend to notice that Liberal folks like Matthews and his Liberal media colleagues have too much of a tendency to scream "race" at the drop of a hat when a Conservative of any color disagrees with the content of the carachter, or, political ideology of a Liberal/Democrat Af-Am. Yet, they use phrases such as "Uncle Tom," "Aunt Jemima" and/or "House (Gasp!) N-word)" when talking about an Af-Am Republican/Conservative. Am I wrong about that? Wouldn't Lib/Dem folks like Matthews be better off to judge a Herman Cain, Ben Olson, Condi Rice, etc., etc., etc. by the content of their carachter not by using language that is clearly directed toward the color of their skin? Reason number 12,487,286 why I have no use for Liberal/Democrats.
Evidently, by the continuously low ratings, MSNBC heads are that stupid.
Newsflash for Matthews: Blacks can be racists too. Oh, and so can Hispanics, Asians and on and on and on and on.......
Disagree with what? That he's incorrect in his "only white's can be racists" statement? Do you agree with that? If you do, must be a neat little bubble you live in.
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The Sound of Inevitability

ushouldtalk Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 8:58 AM
You can't see any meaningful difference between a person that was born a male and a person that was born a female? How do you think you became a human being? As long as I've been married to my wife I can assure you there are many, many differences between her (born a female) and me (born a male).
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Even SNL Knows . . .

ushouldtalk Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 8:12 PM
One would think this may look bad for Obama. But the imitation Village People doing the YMCA to 60 percent of his voting base probablt thinks it was an awesome skit and admire him more, Another 20% think it was great because it showcased homosexualtiy in an SNL skit and the last 20% didn't get it or wasn't tuned in because the "Weelend Update" wasn't on yet which is where they get their news.
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