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Tax Raisers Slam Voters For ‘Lack of Investment’ in $355 MILLION Florida School District

USGrant1863 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 7:19 AM
The inflexibility of union contracts means that when savings are necessary, the only option is cutting positions, rather than changing wage/benefit structures for all. There is no way to back-up and say we were too generous in prior years. Milton Friedman was right, monopoly is the enemy of the consumer, whether private or governmental. The public sector union's monopoly control education dooms students to failure and squanders the huge investment made by society.
Earlier this week, voters in Florida’s Marion County school district went to the polls and defeated a union-supported effort to raise property taxes, which would have “saved” music, art and library programs.

In response to the narrow 52-48 percent vote, tax increase advocates became unhinged. The superintendent of schools, who made no mention of reforming compensation packages for employees, told the Ocala Star-Banner , “(The vote) means that the community does not support music, art and library programs.”

The group pushing for the tax, Marions United for Public Education, offered a more searing indictment, courtesy of...