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Mitt Romney Connected

USGrant1863 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 7:48 AM
The entire tone and content was someone moved by love of family, faith and country to serve others through business, voluntarism and public service. In a local community these virtues would make him the town's favorite citizen. Somehow through the caricature lens of the Democratic media these virtues are twisted and unrecognizable. Romney got to present himself without the filter last night and his essential goodness was evident. The sprinkled testimony of friends and colleagues throughout the day set the stage. Mitt Romney has real character and real accomplishments. He has a track record of leading great teams and enabling other leaders. Compared to the Lecturer in Chief (no shortage of disdainful words), Romney is real.
The pundits will pick it apart, but don't worry: Mitt Romney did just what he needed to do tonight -- he connected. Up until now, many people had no idea of what he was like.  Now they do.  From the testimonials from the people he has helped, to the excellent biographical video, to Clint Eastwood's bizarre but oddly entertaining stand-up (giving left-wing pundits something besides the candidate to complain about!), to Marco Rubio's uplifting talk -- all of it set the stage for a really good, heart-felt, stirring speech by Romney himself.  No one who saw him tonight has to worry...