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I could never reconcile the movie I saw with the history I knew. Motorcycle Diaries fails in its ambition to explain (justify?) Che Guevara. But it succeeds in extending the pro-revolutionary brand represented by the ubiquitous Che t-shirts. Is this just celebrating rejection of the status quo? Is any change better than the current inequities? This fiction ultimately left me unsatisfied and discouraged that evil is so easily glorified.
Motorcycle Diaries offers more insight as a lens into the mindset of the Pan-American political left than it does into the formative years of a violent Marxist revolutionary. The film has a high level of production quality. Good, sympathetic acting is shown against a compelling cinemascape of a vast, untamed land. Che Guevara is shown as well motivated and inspired by his love for the people of the land and hatred of injustice. Good intentions apparently explain and excuse all, else how can you explain the deification of a violent executioner? The film excuses and does not explain Che. There is a certain arrogance in the willingness to impose one's own political views by deadly force that is never revealed or addressed.
The Left is good at propaganda. As a movie I enjoyed The Motorcycle Diaries, but as history it was disturbing. It amazes me that Americans can see any virtue in Che's life story. He has more in common with Vlad the Impaler or Stalin's deputy executioners like Lavrenty Beria. The desire for justice and enfranchisement is understandable, the willingness to inflict death and pain on others to impose your own tyranny is despicable. The problem with coercive Utopians is it is always their definition of perfect they impose through violence on others. I don't want to trade one tyrant for another tyranny. Yet the Marxist leveling philosophy persists in its appeal to those who can't read and understand history and human nature.
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A Historic Debate Failure

USGrant1863 Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 8:42 AM
The quantitative easing or devaluation of the dollar inflates the nominal value of assets. It takes more dollars to buy the same asset. The rise in the stock market is an artificial consequence of QE and not necessarily a good sign. The same effect is seen in the price of imported commodities, e.g., oil. In fact, you highlight why QE yields a rising stock market while simultaneously killing jobs. QE pumps up the value of assets, so long as you keep inflating. It won't end well.
Just like the Bolsheviks, we're ruled by an elite minority that claims to represent the majority. In issue after issue where strong majority consensus prevails in the population, the minority view is Washington policy. Secure the border as a pre-condition to immigration reform? Still not done. Don't give foreign aid to fund our adversaries like the Muslim Brotherhood? Another $2 billion borrowed from our future and given to our sworn enemies. Require proof of identity to vote to assure citizenship, residency and prevent voting in multiple districts? Even though it protects all legitimate voters of all colors and ethnicities? Nope. That would endanger to many incumbents who benefit from current games. And more. Princes in robes rule us.
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Mitt Romney Connected

USGrant1863 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 7:48 AM
The entire tone and content was someone moved by love of family, faith and country to serve others through business, voluntarism and public service. In a local community these virtues would make him the town's favorite citizen. Somehow through the caricature lens of the Democratic media these virtues are twisted and unrecognizable. Romney got to present himself without the filter last night and his essential goodness was evident. The sprinkled testimony of friends and colleagues throughout the day set the stage. Mitt Romney has real character and real accomplishments. He has a track record of leading great teams and enabling other leaders. Compared to the Lecturer in Chief (no shortage of disdainful words), Romney is real.
The inflexibility of union contracts means that when savings are necessary, the only option is cutting positions, rather than changing wage/benefit structures for all. There is no way to back-up and say we were too generous in prior years. Milton Friedman was right, monopoly is the enemy of the consumer, whether private or governmental. The public sector union's monopoly control education dooms students to failure and squanders the huge investment made by society.
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Obama's Verbal Kindergarten

USGrant1863 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 7:15 AM
The problem with the trickle down analogy is it has true economics backward. It is the entrepreneur or investor that gets what's left (if anything) at the end. Government, workers, suppliers, all get "theirs" before the capitalist knows if there will be a profit at the end. Government keeps extracting more, reducing the possibility of any return. We get less economic activity, fewer jobs, and lower tax revenues as a result. It amazes me that with the example of Reagan there is any doubt about what works to reignite economic growth. Yet the left lives with its slogans and myths.
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Obama-Biden: Hope and Chains

USGrant1863 Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 7:06 AM
President Obama is flailing around as a a leader and it is reflected in his campaign. The problem is his Marxist academic theories are not working in practice (they never have anywhere else either). He can only repeat the irrational mantras of the left. If he faced the facts, he would have to admit he and his father were wrong all along.
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The Surprising Obamacare Verdict

USGrant1863 Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 8:50 PM
I don't quite agree. Setting the minimum standard for insurance is regulation. I've looked closely at the law and certainly Quaker Colleges end up paying taxes that support the Defense Department. (Your argument.) There's a case to be made that the regulation was targeted at the Catholic Church. On other grounds, religious liberty (America's First Freedom) is already at risk under an opinion written by Scalia that largely leaves religious relief from facially neutral regulations to Congress, hence the importance of exemption clauses. Worry about the likely success of the Bishops before the Courts, but not because the "preventive care services" are a tax but because the level of scrutiny of facially neutral rules is very low.
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