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Creative Use of Jobs as Prop in Obama Comedy Hour

usfrog Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 3:10 PM
Obama's doing everything he can to destroy the US economy. Unfortunately the malleable masses have not yet caught on that they are being led into Socialism. There is no reason for anything to get better, Socialism has always been a failure.
Texasmom6 Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 7:42 AM
If the "malleable masses" have not yet caught on by now, it won't happen - ever. Mr. Mugabe II will have to peel back entitlements and he will pick on the elderly first - they are least able to fight back. He will reduce Social Security, AFTER seizing the retirement accounts.
jsullivan154 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 10:36 PM
Frog, did you happen to read the article? 7000 jobs shed in government. The sequester has kicked in full steam ahead? Does this sound like a President of Socialism???

Unfortunately the Pres. is too concerned of appeasing you Righties in the short term and should have signed more executive orders as FDR since he really is carrying the burden w/o the help and cooperation of the House of disfunction but to the contrary only continues to further mislead the country
out of Selfishness and Greed to here John R cheer on Toon Hall .
NewJAl Wrote: Apr 07, 2013 12:05 AM
It is neither selfishness nor greed to point out that the kids allowed to be born will have a tax burden upon them that not people have ever had, before. All to get the vote of the present takers. A visit to any food bank will show folks in fine automobiles, and nice nails and ear-rings, taking food because they can. And not working, because they can.
And, along with these parasites, Obama has made truly decent people desperate. They are at the food bank, also. Never there before recently. And claiming illness, for the first time ever, since their unemployment is exhausted. Meanwhile, small business owners find Obamacare a burden, and cannot hire. Ask them and their doctors about Obamacare and the damage it is doing. Of buy Obama's lies.
ggene Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 8:34 PM
If this stalled and over regulated economy is not Obama's intention, then he is totally economically ignorant. No, he just understands that his backers, those he financially supports, don't realize that there IS an end to government handouts. Obama is just betting that the end will come sometime after 2016.
jsullivan154 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 10:54 PM
ggene , I think the last Election spoke volumes to peoples ability to both understand and feel we are much better of as Americans than 5 years ago?

But like then your narrow-minded brigade will refuse to see truth with your head in the sand or firmly implanted in your ... Be patient as the stars are beginning to align for a once and for all the world will see first hand Supply Siders are great at creating wealth for themselves and destroying the general economy in the process but very poor at improving conditions for people I and the majority of real American know and understand.

Slow and Steady beats the heck out of fast and loose.
Xango8430 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 5:00 PM
When there are OVER 50% of folks that DON'T WANT to give up 'THEIR FREE STUFF' "PINOCCHIO" is providing..& the ONLY PROMISE he's keeping & will continue to keep as long as the infiltration of illegals..etal..he want's to ADD TO THE ROLLS continues..So THEY can continue to vote for him..legally or NOT!! First step to revive our economy is to IMMEDIATELY engage IN UTILIZING OUR OWN NATURAL ABUNDANT ENERGY RESOURCES..Look to N.Dakota, Montana,,area for HOW they're doing it..XL Pipeline would be a NICE Start too!!
jsullivan154 Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 10:45 PM
X we are currently UTILIZING OUR OWN NATURAL ABUNDANT ENERGY RESOURCES in N Dakota ext. Do you think they are part of another country like Texas?

America is currently (net exporter of oil) under the Presidency of one Barack Obama maybe Xango if you spent a little more time researching facts or listening to Truth rather than spreading Lies and misinformation you wouldn't look like such a Dunce on the Internet?

The number of people employed in the United States dropped by 496,000 in March, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, yet somehow, miraculously, the unemployment rate dropped a full basis point from 7.7 percent to 7.6 percent.

That’s because while the White House, the media and assorted economists kept saying “Hooray! Things are FINALLY getting better- and this time we MEAN it,” another 663,000 people dropped out of the workforce.

It’s amazing how discouraged people are during the Greatest Recovery Ever, led by the Greatest Chief Executive since Jon Corzine took over MF Global.

“Consumer confidence tumbled in March,”...