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Mitt Romney: Moocher. Post WW2 to 1970 the highest marginal tax rate was above 70%, now we let the moocher class like Mitt Romney pay nothing and look where we are!
Proof that conservatives hate Jews: Hitler could have been aborted but someone shot the abortion doctor right before he could perform the procedure. Way to go guys...
Holy smokes, did John Hawkins just do an unbiased intelligent article with numbers and facts? I LOVE new John Hawkins!
If you don't like what George Soros did to the pound then you don't support free markets. He did nothing illegal. Commie scum.
lol I agree lois01 But what can you expect, if they were actual journalists they wouldn't be on
of vs if? That's all you got? See you Republitards in 2016, we got this one locked up!
He's smarter than you, accomplished more in his life, helped more people in life, etc. You are a turd stuck to Jimmy Carter's shoe.
It's too early. We need to wait for the debates. Did you guys see full blown idiots like Rick Perry actually get under Romney's skin during the GOP debates? I can't wait, it will be quite the smackdown.
Yes because "standing by someone/thing" a zero sum game... If you support Muslims you cannot possibly support Americans. Little by little I feel my brain turning to mush the more I hang out with you people on this website.
Very un-Christian like. I will pray for you Buck O
Chik Fil-A CAVES What a bunch of cowards. I can't wait til God's second term when we can ban all guns and all Chik-Fil-A
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