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You are right George Washington. Bush let THREE planes "flown into" American buildings. I almost screwed that up!
No, not at all. I believe that if Palestineans were not treated as second class citizens we would be better off, but Israel itself should not be destroyed. Iran shouldn't have a nuke either. But don't deny the facts - we <3 Israel = Middle East
I know! It's like Obama let 2 planes fly in to American buildings! What a failure to protect the country!
Well I am engaged to a Jewish girl and I can't stand her mother... I think Buck O may be right. ;)
Okay, so genocide is the goal. That's good. http://imgur.com/a/tlCyI You are a terrible Christian.
This is America's chickens coming home to roost for the unwavering support of Israel. The multiple wars and intervention over 50 years didn't help. I feel like America is a powerful giant with a little Israel inside the brain controlling the strings. Before I continue, is this Anti-Semitic?
I agree, those guys in the embassy are so cowardly. I mean, who would try to diffuse a potentially violent situation with words? And we all know that Obama was the one tweeting from the embassy that day. What a coward.
You want war with Libya? Idiot.
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Classy: Obama Campaigns on 9/11

UseYourHead2016 Wrote: Sep 11, 2012 3:04 PM
Oh Georgetwit, you make me smile you senile ol' redneck! :)
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