lgoldhammer Wrote:
Aug 22, 2014 9:33 AM
When I looked at the stats for oil imports/exports, seems we export half as much as we import. So are we buying our oil at a high price to sell to Americans, and harvesting cheaper oil to export to Asia? If so, we need to re-think this strategy. We keep pushing for oil exploration/harvesting to keep America independent of other sources. But are we doing that? Or are a few wealthy oil companies getting wealthier taking "free" natural resources from our country to sell them for more to non-Americans thereby not helping Americans at all - unless they happen to have a job in the oil business? Same with the pipeline from Canada - why have a pipeline running through the country to go to the gulf? Why not put refineries on the border of Canada - then the oil can be shipped throughout America from there? Most probably because it will be easier to ship to Asia/S.America... And any jobs from that are short lived: pipeline built, jobs end. They would probably mostly hire illegals to dig the pipeline anyway.