lgoldhammer Wrote:
Aug 18, 2014 9:29 AM
Are the decks stacked against them for their color, or for their behavior? We seem to have lowered our expectation for behaviors in our country, and especially so for the black population. All other minorities who have attempted to assimilate into the white American population, have grown in acceptance and assimilation. But the black population tends to want to walk, talk, act and dress different, but be treated the same. And it's a manner of behavior created by hollywood. I wish they would choose to reject it. Choose to assimilate. I'd like to see a comparison of black, white, hispanic and asian males who choose to dress, act and behave like hoodlums/gang members/prison inmates: is there a difference in how those groups are treated? I don't know. I do just know that when someone is walking behind me on a street dressed like a prison escapee, I see the clothing/behavior and get away from the individual no matter their color. And when I see a person who is dressed as a non-prison escapee, no mater what their color, I don't try to get away from them. Actions speak louder than skin color.