tthor Wrote:
Jul 25, 2014 5:46 PM
As a child of the '60's I remember a time when our country suffered a wave of political assassinations resulting from cultural unrest combined with out of touch, out of control government. Impeaching Obama for his rampant abuses of the rule of law is actually a considerably better outcome than what might otherwise obtain if his lawlessness continues unabated and unchecked. The sheep have teeth, and if you push them far enough, some of them will bite. The political class has not seen those teeth in so long that it seems to have forgotten this fact. My greatest fear is that sooner or later, if things continue as they are, some political figure is going to be given a hard reminder at the end of a gun. That would be tragic; we don't need a repeat of the bad old days. So, yeah, impeach the bum and avoid worse.