cowboy tom Wrote:
Jul 25, 2014 2:13 PM
No doubt the dictator believes his writing executive orders granting shamnesty will never be over turned by the next potus, despite the damage he does to our sovereignty. But the dictator isn't even giving l;uip service to screening the parasites just giving blanket shamnesty because he wants to both lure the mindless Hispanics into permanent voters for the progressive/Marxist party, believing giving them unlimited access to the govt sugar teat will offset the reality their increased numbers will wreak havoc on the economy Meanwhile growing another handout pl;antation totally escapes the clowns in the progressive/Marxist party who live with the delusion they are compassionate and that millions of functionally illiterate illegals can grow the economy when the reality remains low edicated illegals can only handle low skill/low paying jobs and not produce the kiond of earners needed to pay off the massicve debt run up by the messiah, his minions and the inside the beltway establishment repubs who have marched to the tune of the diktator