FloridaJim Wrote:
Jul 19, 2014 9:05 AM
Never give in to unions I started two non-union plants and never had an arbitration in 40 years firing all who needed it and never backing down. when I came to the grievance meeting of follow-up meetings I had all the facts and they had all the lies and bluff and lost. Weak people lose to unions strong people will not unionize easily. Companies should offer stock options or performance bonuses for all good employees and publish the daily results so everyone will know who the good employees are and who deserve a union , they can leave. Our government is showing taxpayers why unions are a waste Taxpayers receive nothing by having a union and pay through the nose for phony bonuses, extra employees and endless grievance meetings over nonsense. IRS, DOJ, State Department, NSA,TSA, GSA,VA all unionized and worthless.