Jo119 Wrote:
Jun 24, 2014 6:41 PM
Would Someone please tell this dopey Speaker, "OF COURSE THE WHITEHOUSE IS NOT GOING TO HELP IN THIS IRS SCANDAL---THEY ARE PART OF IT, WITH A.G. HOLDER .CALLING THE SHOTS WITH OBAMA- JUST AS THEY DID ON other SCANDALS- "FAST & FURIOUS", "BENGHAZI", etc. This Speaker is either Very Dumb, or Just Gullible and in NO WAY a good leader as Speaker-Boehner needs to STEP DOWN. Over 1 1/2 yrs. ago, HE should have appointed a Special Outside Prosecutor, but he DIDN'T. He said: "I trust Obama....Really? NOT MANY DO, except YOU- Seems Mr. Speaker, you are enjoying a "Status Quo" to keep your cushy job/perks/healthcare/and being able to add to your $5 Million Stash Going. You Sir, have continually, "Bent over backwards to vote WITH Obama in all things HE wanted, and turned your back on your OWN party, which DOES include Conservatives, like Many of us out here, when you insulted them in the GOP- a Rino is a kind word for you...there are Many others, as YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIVIDE IN THE GOP, AS YOU DIDN'T KEEP 'ALL MEMBERS TOGETHER.'