bigbill10 Wrote:
Jun 07, 2014 8:33 AM
Walmart threatens two of the most cherished tenants of Liberalism/Progressivism: It gives the lower middle-class and the poor a chance to start climbing the economic ladder-with a near-minimum wage rate job and it provides the poor a low-cost alternative for food, clothing and other basic needs. Instituting a high minimum wage rate and expensive job-related costs has been one of the most popular ways that Progressives have kept people on the Welfare Plantation. It removes a couple of the lower rungs from the ladder over the wall from that place that all (or most) of us climbed over the last couple generations. No more of that! Then it forces living costs to be higher and then claims that it's helping people with the high cost of living! Wow, what Chutzpah! To paraphrase Claude Rains in Casablanca (and turn him into Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove), "Gentlemen-there will be no jobs or cheap products at Walmart!" When the Progressives set out to "save" the poor and downtrodden, the first thing they do os to make darn sure that they will have no competition! That's because they have no intention of permitting them to become un-poor. The only real cure for poverty is wealth.