Raymond170 Wrote:
Jun 03, 2014 8:59 AM
All freedoms have their limits. That those limits are sometimes restricted by the increasingly timid political voices is a given. But how do you, as I address these "open carriers", as in each of you individually, turn the tide of timidity ? You do not go around town with your zipper down and your male member hanging out, claiming freedom of speech, do you ? Or you don't jump into 50 feet of water wearing 2 1911 45's, 12 magazines of "spare" ammo, a Barrett .50 caliber semi-rifle, 5 hand grenades, 4 claymores, and two bayonets ? If you need to be "protected" while swimming, why don't you ? I'll answer for you, its not appropriate ,and it is self destructive. And so is animal-display-preening and parading around with weapons you "may" need if the Chinese drop 200 airborne soldiers on you. You social freaks should grow a pair, and some sense, and take a "chance" with a concealed 1911 and spare mag, if you want to carry.