wtf2 Wrote:
May 29, 2014 10:15 AM
50 years of experience and you think throwing hot coffee on somebody should result in commitment? Really? Are they building huge wonderful hospitals that I don't know about to deal with everybody who exhibits bad behavior? And then three days is going to "cure them"? A shot will cure them? They will go their way, take their (perfectly prescribed, perfectly titrated) pills exactly as instructed, appear for every one of their appointments exactly as instructed, and you will brush your nails on your white jacket in smug pride? This is the attitude I deal with over and over with a sick daughter - in for three days, new medications, in for three days, other medications, raise this one, lower that one, add this one ... none of them taken correctly, or they are sold, or lost - back in for three days, and on and on it goes. Multiple hospitals, treatment centers, drs., not one of the knows or communicates with the others,(or me, because of course she's an adult) - "get help" they say. LOL They put the mentally ill in charge of their own treatment.