Big_D_ Wrote:
May 23, 2014 9:21 AM
I'm sure the majority of "DREAMers" are just like Ana--overstayed visas, overlooked in granting permanent status, entire rest of family legal, productive non-citizen. NOT. This foisting a far outlier as an example is grist of the liberals' mill, Linda. What are you thinking? Without doubting the plight of the "DREAMers", and fully recognizing that I become a juicy TARGET for the left, I say NO because all this DREAM shyt merely is a new INCENTIVE for illegal immigration. ...and what is missing in this whole debate is enough emphasis on eliminating all the incentives that exist for illegals--birthright citizenship, chain migration, jobs, entitlements, sanctuaries, porous borders, lax interior enforcement. And, yes, we CAN trust Obama--to ignore the laws and the Constitution as far as his lawyers think he can get away with..and then a little more.